Flood Risk cartography by IHG Model

  • Roberto Richardson
  • Manuel Tapia
  • Flavia Landeros
Keywords: Flood risk mapping, model, hydrogeomorphological index, Geoprocessing software


The city of Viña del Mar, located in the Valparaíso Region is one of the cities in Chile with a large number of floating population, because it is considered one of the best cities to live in, considering this also makes it a highly vulnerable place. The main objective of this work is to model the flood that could be generated in a segment of the Marga-Marga Estuary considering a fluvial trigger factor, in this way collating the data present in the territorial planning instrument.

 The generated model will be built through the support of geoprocessing software used in risk zoning, currently there are various softwares to make these models, however, this project will use the software with greater popularity and functionality in its parallel use, such as Arcgis. , Geo HEC RAS and HEC RAS, where the latter are validated by the Hydrological Engineering Center of the United States.