Thermal extremes between 1961 and 2020 in a mid-latitude north patagonian city (Neuquén, Argentina)




Heat wave, Cold wave, Extreme Temperature, Mann Kendall Trend Test


Thermal extremes represent a threat to human health and to urban metabolism. The aim of the work is to characterize extreme thermal events (Heat Waves -HW-, Cold Waves -CW-, Periods of Extreme High Temperatures -PEHT- and Periods of Extreme Very Low Temperatures -PEVLT-) in Neuquén (Argentina) between 1961 - 2020 and the climatic elements and synoptic situations associated with their occurrence. The events were identified according to the SMN methodology and were characterized according to frequency, intensity and duration. On an annual scale, the significance of their changes was evaluated using the Mann Kendall Trends Test. Finally, the speed and direction of the wind on the day before, during and the day after each event and the location of the main centers of action during the central day were analyzed. 234 (242) extreme thermal events due to low (high) temperatures were recorded. The analysis showed significant positive trends in the occurrence of HW, PEHT and non-significant of CH. All types of events exhibited positive trends in their intensity (only significant for PEHTmax). Positive trends were observed in the duration of HW and PEHT (only significant for PEHT min). Before, during and after HW (CH), calms (winds from W and WSW), winds from W and SW (calms) and SW and E (calms and W winds) predominated, respectively. During the central day of HW (CH),  the SAA and SPA were located at latitudes 38° S and 28° S (20° S and 30° S) with pressures of 1011-1029 and 1011-1020 hPa (1020-1028 hPa ).


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