Estimation of crop evapotranspiration from drone flights




STSEB, evapotranspiration, irrigation planning, cultivation


In this work, a two-source decoupling model called "STSEB" (Simplified Two-Source Energy Balance) is applied, whose purpose, through local information on air temperature, meteorology, topography, as well as additional data in situ, is to calculate the crop evapotranspiration through multispectral and thermal images obtained from a drone.
The foregoing, with the purpose of classifying the priority irrigation areas of a plot of almond trees and being able to compare the results with the current planning of water treatments obtained by means of precision agriculture instruments. At the end of the work, it was possible to determine that there is an accuracy of 75% between the irrigation treatment plan of the administrators of the plot and the one obtained through the application of remote
sensing techniques.


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