I. Digital preservation policy

This magazine uses the LOCKSS, CLOCKS and PKP PN systems to create a file system distributed among collaborating libraries, which allows you to create permanent archives of the magazine for conservation and restoration purposes.
Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis has the purpose of preserving digitally in the long term all the documents it houses. To do this, it develops an action plan that includes basic measures to ensure the digital durability of the scientific material:

  • Backups
  • Documentation storage on servers and external storage units
  • Conversion of formats to safer ones
  • Periodic checks of file integrity to prevent corruption
  • Monitoring of the technological environment to anticipate possible migrations of obsolete formats or software
  • Digital preservation metadata
  • Use of DOI in its new materials

For the purposes of digital preservation, the deposit of documents with easily readable formats (such as PDF) is encouraged. In the event that it was not possible to maintain the usability of all existing formats, the journal undertakes to return the files to their authors. The digital preservation policy will be reviewed annually by the Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis journal.

II. Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content, based on the principle that offering the public free access to research helps to further global knowledge exchange.

III. Quality policies

1. Scientific means of knowledge transfer

Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis has a Board of National and International Reviewers of recognised prestige, a National and International Editorial Committee, experts in the disciplines present in Spanish Universities and research centres. The Editorial Committee advises and evaluates the publication, endorsing it scientifically and projecting it internationally, and issues reports, proposes topics and evaluates manuscripts. It also submits to blind evaluation the manuscripts considered for publication.

The Chilean Geographic Journal Terra Australis is a publication medium of various Research Projects, Research Centres and Groups and Universities managed by the Military Geographic Institute and the Disaster Risk Management Observatory of the Bernardo O'Higgins University.

The Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis provides detailed information to its authors and collaborators on the manuscript review process and strictly establishes criteria, procedures, review plan and maximum time limits: a) Preliminary phase of estimation/rejection of manuscripts; b) Phase of evaluation of manuscripts with rejection/acceptance of the same, with a deadline of 4 weeks for response; c) Edition of the texts in preprint (digital) and printed in Spanish and English. Publishes abstracts in the language in which the article is written and in English.

The Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis accepts manuscripts in several languages, including Spanish and English, for evaluation.

2. Quality of the editorial process

Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis has been publishing issues with a rigorous periodicity since its inception. An annual volume is published on a completely regular basis. It maintains, in turn, a strict coherence in its editorial line and in the subject matter of the publication. The journal is available in paper and OJS (e-print).

All works published in Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australisse undergo prior evaluation by experts from the Advisory Board and the Editorial Board, as well as reviewers, independent researchers of prestige in the field.

The contributions reviewed in Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis are subjected, as a minimum requirement, to the blind evaluation system, which guarantees anonymity in the review of manuscripts. In case of discrepancies between reviewers, new reviews are carried out to determine the viability of the possible publication of the contributions.

Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis notifies in a reasoned manner the editorial decision that includes the reasons for the previous estimation, subsequent review, with acceptance or rejection of the manuscripts, with summaries of the opinions issued by external experts.

Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis has a national and international Editorial Committee and a list of reviewers, made up of professionals and researchers of recognised prestige, with no institutional links to either the journal or the publisher, who are responsible for the evaluation and auditing of the journal. It also has an editor and the assistance of the staff of Editorial UBO. This ensures the institutional and commercial network.

3. Scientific content quality

 The articles that are published in Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis are basically oriented to the progress of science in the field of legal science.


Revista Geográfica de Chile Terra Australis is committed to the fight against plagiarism. For it:
1. Invite your reviewers to watch especially against plagiarism in their work.
2. It makes it available and uses anti-plagiarism detention systems.
3. Invite readers to detect some plagiarism and communicate it to us, if for any reason any work has mocked the filters or there has been an error. For this, we invite you to use the free license system: Viper Plagiarism Checker


There are no publication fees (article processing charges or APCs) to publish with this journal.