Alexander Von Humboldt's Cosmos in the Dialectic of Enlightenment

  • Gabriel Petatán UNAM
Keywords: Cosmos, Enlightenment, Representation, Modernity, Sciencies


In the process of conformation of modern sciences, Geography passed through an epistemological construction process, founded on the Kantian difference between “the celestial order above me” and “the moral order inside me”. Circumstance that implied the recognition of a strict control over time and space, consolidated as of the domination of the representations field, whose main spatial expression is the Cosmos by Alexander Von Humboldt. Part of the modern state consolidation, and constitutive element of the Enlightenment’s mythical ideals, colonial domination and abstract language construction that allows to homogenize reality. Here we explore the particularities of the process, as of the importance of Cosmos.


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Petatán, G. (2020). Alexander Von Humboldt’s Cosmos in the Dialectic of Enlightenment. Revista Geográfica De Chile Terra Australis, 56(1), 62-70.